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Spring is a great time to get started on your lawn care routine in Maine. As the weather starts to warm up and the snow melts away, it’s important to give your lawn the attention it needs to thrive throughout the growing season. Here are some lawn care best practices and tips and tricks to help you get started.

  1. Clean up debris: Start by removing any debris that has accumulated on your lawn over the winter. This could include fallen leaves, branches, and other debris that can smother your grass and prevent it from growing properly.
  2. Aerate your lawn: Next, aerate your lawn to help it breathe and absorb nutrients more efficiently. This can be done using a manual or motorized aerator, or by hiring a professional lawn care service.
  3. Fertilize your lawn: Once your lawn has been aerated, it’s time to fertilize it. Use a slow-release fertilizer that will feed your lawn over a period of weeks, rather than a quick-release fertilizer that can burn your grass. We love Coast of Maine products.
  4. Water your lawn: Water your lawn deeply and infrequently, rather than frequently and shallowly. This will encourage your grass to grow deeper roots and become more drought-resistant.
  5. Mow your lawn regularly: Regular mowing will help keep your lawn looking neat and tidy, and can also help prevent the growth of weeds. However, be careful not to mow your lawn too short, as this can damage the grass and make it more susceptible to disease.
  6. Control weeds and pests: Use weed control products as necessary to keep weeds under control, and keep an eye out for pests such as grubs, which can damage your lawn. Consider hiring a professional lawn care service to help you with these tasks if necessary.
  7. Consider overseeding: If your lawn is looking thin or patchy, consider overseeding it to help fill in the gaps. This can be done by spreading seed over your existing grass, or by using a slice seeder or other specialized equipment.

By following these lawn care best practices and tips and tricks in the spring in Maine, you can help ensure that your lawn stays healthy and beautiful throughout the growing season. Remember to adjust your lawn care routine as needed based on local weather conditions and the specific needs of your lawn.

If you’re looking for a professional lawn care service to help you with your lawn care needs this spring in Maine, consider hiring Pine Tree Lawn Services. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing high-quality lawn care services that will keep your lawn looking healthy and beautiful all season long.

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